Composing Portfolio

  • Endeavour – PREY – ITV1

    Endeavour – PREY – ITV1

    The popular Inspector Morse character returns for a thrilling investigation unlike any other....


  • Barging Around Britain – ITV1

    Barging Around Britain – ITV1

    “Canals changed the map of Britain. They were the motorways of the age. Now, it was easy to transport goods in bulk...


  • Girls With Autism – ITV1

    Girls With Autism – ITV1

    A unique full access portrait of an entirely unexpected world – the pupils of Britain’s only single-sex school for teenage girls with...


  • What Comes After – Short Film

    What Comes After – Short Film

    What Comes After is a short drama funded by CTBF and The Wellcome Trust. The film stars Rebecca Callard (Black Out, Ordinary...


  • London Wall – Feature Film

    London Wall – Feature Film

    London-based Master Media Productions is making the film of the play, which has been in the works for the past year and...


  • Born To Kill – Series 6

    Born To Kill – Series 6

    What makes a serial killer? This  series takes an in-depth look at notorious murderers from around the world. Schoolteachers and school-friends as...


  • Sleepover At The Zoo – BBC4

    Sleepover At The Zoo – BBC4

    In a never-before-attempted sleep experiment, Bristol Zoo has been rigged with cameras and sensors and Liz Bonnin and sleep expert Bryson Voirin...


  • God’s Cadets – BBC1

    God’s Cadets – BBC1

    To become a Salvation Army officer, cadets must shed the skin of their old lives, promise to reject treasures on Earth in...


  • Bookaboo – ITV

    Bookaboo – ITV

    Bookaboo ITV Boxing Day special with Warwick Davis reading ‘Dustbin Dad’ by Peter Bently and Russell Ayto (Simon & Schuster).   Directed...


  • Big Foot Files – International

    Big Foot Files – International

    Mark Evans and geneticist Bryan Sykes examine the legend of Bigfoot, using DNA testing to determine if he’s a hominid, an ape or just a...


  • JFK – The Unspoken Speech

    JFK – The Unspoken Speech

    A new commission was recieved to compose a piece for solo cello and full orchestra to be recorded at the start of...


  • Britain’s Big Wildlife Revival – BBC1

    Britain’s Big Wildlife Revival 

    Britain’s Big Wildlife Revival is hosted by ecologist and Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison, and each week three guest presenters will champion a...


  • Golden Oldies – BBC1

    Golden Oldies – BBC1

    Golden Oldies is a documentary made by True Vision for BBC 1 directed by Nick Poyntz and produced by Brian Woods. The...


  • Dispatches: Chinese Murder Mystery

    Dispatches: Chinese Murder Mystery

    Within months of Neil Heywood’s memorial in southwest London, his grieving family learned that secretive Communist Party investigators in China believed that...


  • Sandhurst – BBC2 & BBC4

    Sandhurst – BBC2 & BBC4

    Scoring has completed on three x one hour documentaries for Icon Films.  The series, commissioned by the BBC, follows cadets from the...


  • Fat Family Tree – Channel 4

    Fat Family Tree – Channel 4

    In a television first, Fat Family Tree sets out to prove that unlocking the secrets of a fat family’s genes can help...


  • Tilly and Friends – Cbeebies

    Tilly and Friends – Cbeebies

    Matthew was commissioned to co-score 52 episodes for a major new children’s series, Tilly and Friends.  Polly Dunbar’s wonderful characters Tilly, Hector,...


  • Ellie


    “Ellie”, a short film by director Chris Dundon, will be screened on Wednesday 5th October at BAFTA HQ in London.  This will...


  • Tattoo School

    Tattoo School

    Scoring was recently completed work on TATTOO SCHOOL. Tattoo School follows the everyday dramas, telling the story of a new class of...


  • Bro


    Long time collaborator, Chris Dundon, worked with Matthew on his latest production, Bro.  Bro has gone on to achieve worldwide acclaim, with...


  • Love In Numbers

    Love In Numbers

    Matthew was  commissioned to compose 40 minutes of music for a Discovery TLC documentary on the statistics surrounding love and relationships. The...