Golden Oldies – BBC1

Golden Oldies is a documentary made by True Vision for BBC 1 directed by Nick Poyntz and produced by Brian Woods. The BAFTA award winning production team have made an affectionate portrayal of being old today. Three Golden Oldies pass on their astute and humorous insights on becoming old and poor, and the stark choices they now face in their twilight years. Full of wisdom, independent spirit and hard earned perspective. Makes you ask, “Could this happen to me?”

We are living longer than ever before. As one 102 year old says in this affectionate and surprisingly lighthearted documentary says “We’re living too long. They should shoot you when you’re 60!”

This is Matthew’s second project with director, Nick Poyntz, having worked together on critically acclaimed Sandhurst series for BBC4.

“a frank, unpatronising and quietly devastating documentary … too many memorable moments to list”

Mark Monahan – The Telegraph

“Nick Poyntz’s film is a tender and poignant portrayal of living on a low income in later life and will make you both laugh and cry”

Rob Mansfield – Age UK

“This is a wonderful documentary by Nick Poyntz, poignant and startling… He gradually draws us into these compelling stories, grim with their backdrop of poverty, violence and declining mental health but always laced with humour and affection.”

Toby Dantzic – The Daily Telegraph

“Doris, Francis and Kitty live on the basic state pension and a diet of loneliness, cold and crime, but retain great resilience and humour.”

Gerard Gilbert – The Independent

“This compassionate, understated film introduces three people … who regard the dying of the light with weary stoicism.”

Andrew Mueller – The Guardian

“This moving film gives voice to the elderly who lives next door, whose lives are spent fighting to stave off loneliness and keep their independence”

David Chater – The Times

“Charming, touching and at times, I’m sorry to say, shocking”

Nigel Andrews – Daily Mail

“Another wonderful film from the True Vision stable, this time following and – more importantly – listening to three elderly people”

Phil Harrison – Time Out

“Doris, Frank and Kitty are the stars of Nick Poyntz’s tender film about old age. The trio live in varying states of fierce independence and isolation.”

Alison Graham – Radio Times

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