JFK – The Unspoken Speech

A new commission was recieved to compose a piece for solo cello and full orchestra to be recorded at the start of October 2013.  The piece, entitled WORDS ALONE, is to be used in the main vignette of The JFK Unspoken Speech Community Project.

Matthew will be heading to the Czech Republic with principal LMO cellist, Caroline Dale and principal conductor of the LMO, Andrew Brown.


Some fifty years after his assassination and as a tribute to JFK, it is the hope and heartfelt desire to have the Citizens of Dallas, deliver the essence of his Unspoken Speech.

Through these seven short films, highlighted selected paragraphs, that when considered against recent world events, read as powerful insightful statements.

They show the 35th President of the United States of America articulating some of his most basic ideals. About how peace and freedom cannot be based on nuclear weapons alone. About how America’s status in the world is tied, not only to economic or military might, but to practicing at home the equal rights and social justice it preaches abroad.

Fifty years on, these short films, created from some 351 words of the JFK Unspoken Speech will be delivered by a diverse group of Dallas Citizens. Some holding single words, some voicing the speech, some singing. Each offering their own personal tribute.

Today, it is believed these unspoken words are as relevant, if not more relevant than when they were written back in ‘63.

It is the intent to have all seven films completed by 11.22.2013. Half a century later, this is a collective tribute to John F. Kennedy, from the Citizens of Dallas.

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