• I have had the pleasure of knowing Matt for a couple of years now and not only is he a great guy to work with but also a creative force to be reckoned with.  He can turn his hand to a myriad of styles and mediums, and whether they be projects large or small, he adds his own unique voice and unerringly high level of professionalism. It is unusual to meet a composer with such a strong winning combination of supreme technical knowledge allied with a versatile and potent creative talent. There is no doubt in my mind that Matthew Slater is destined to become a major player in the world of media and film music.

  • I asked Matt to help me work on a film score where we had a lot of fairly big orchestral action music to do with a restricted budget.  Matt’s contribution included orchestrating cues as part of a team of orchestrators, and being in charge of preparing scores and parts for the orchestra. We recorded at Air Lyndhurst with an orchestra of 60.  In order to get a lot of music recorded with that size of orchestra, as a producer I demand a great deal of accuracy and preparation from the team. Matt’s work was first class. Scores and parts were very well prepared and the session was very successful, and the best of all from my point of view, Matt’s ability to understand what was required without a lot of input from myself and the composer left us more time to concentrate on getting the performances right. Matt’s enthusiasm for his work is also contagious, he brought a lot to that project, and I would not hesitate in recommending him.

  • I have never worked with anyone else as reliable, skillful or helpful in this industry. Apart from all that, he is also a friendly and affable personality – which is very helpful during the inevitable “small hours”. I could not recommend Matthew more to any of my colleagues on all his capacities as a musician (he has played on many of my film and TV soundtracks) as a studio technician/music assistant, and in score preparation and orchestration assistance. Please email me on barrington@pheloung.co.uk for any further deails. Barrington Pheloung 7th May 2009.

  • Matthew Slater has been known to me for a considerable number of years, mainly through his work with composer Barrington Pheloung for the Inspector Morse films and more recently, Lewis. I have always found his music preparation to be of the highest standard notwithstanding the last minute and high pressure demands this vital job invariably entails. His work is always delivered with good humour and in a relaxed manner and I have been encouraged to see that Matthew’s work is being increasingly recognised by other composers and producers in the UK music profession.